How to use GED-inline

GED-inline is a GEDCOM validator. You submit a GEDCOM file and a report is produced which warns about deviations from strict GEDCOM. The validator handles all approved encoding variants: ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-16 and UTF-8. Your privacy is respected: no files are stored, they are validated and discarded.

GED-inline supports the following GEDCOM versions:

  • GEDCOM 5.5
  • GEDCOM 5.5.1
  • GEDCOM 7.0

Note that to save space the validator may suppress long lists of identical messages.

Submit GEDCOM file:    

What is GEDCOM

GEDCOM is a file format standard used by family history researchers for interchange of family trees. The standard is however complex and different genealogy programs often have different ideas about what the standard really specifies. This emphasises the need for a standard place on the internet where GEDCOM files can be validated.

The relevant GEDCOM standards can be found here.